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Review: Jet Airways Business Class 737-800, Bangalore to Mumbai

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Jet Airways 737-800
Bangalore to Mumbai
Depart: 4:05pm
Arrive: 5:40pm
Class: Business Class

I normally never fly domestically in India on Business. The prices are rather exorbitant, considering the same ticket could get me to Dubai one way on Business - however I decided to use up my Jet Airways miles this time since they were otherwise useless sitting around.

I got to the airport just on time, as I usually do, checked my bag in and was off to the lounge. Bangalore Airport had been renovated recently so I wasn't sure what to expect - since Delhi lounges are in pretty poor condition overall, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the Plaza Premium Lounge here. On the second floor overlook the gates, the lounge was actually very nice with it's veneer finishes, leather couches and green strips littered around - and most importantly, it's wasn't overly packed. Power points were everywhere as well, which is rare, but welcome.




Unfortunately I didn't really get to try any of the food, I stuck with water as I was trying to solve the issue of my broken wheel on my checked in luggage (which incidentally Jet Airways broke a week earlier - but were incredibly slow to get back to me with repair information). As you can see - overall it was a very nice lounge, and once I saw the boarding announcement I zipped down to the gate.

Unfortunately, Business (or Premiere as Jet calls it) was full - so I couldn't take any cabin shots considering I was the second last passenger in Business, so I took some sneaky shots while boarding.


I was offered a choice of juices, and I opted for Guava, which was nice as always. The Air hostesses were fairly young, and professional - but hardly charming or friendly - just going about their job. The seats themselves weren't too bad, they recline manually, and are angled (don't even think flat beds here), and overall have a 40" seat width - which is fairly decent for a 1.5 hour flight. With only 12 seats, Business is rather small on domestic flights.


I was feeling a little tired so I dozed off and was woken to a lunch order, where menus were handed out with 3 main course choices. I chose the chicken focaccia (even though I had a fruit platter reserved previously, which had slipped my mind).


It was accompanied by a sponge chocolate cake, a fresh salad and a glass of coke. While it looked nice, nothing really tasted great, and I wished I had stuck with the fruit platter. They lady across from me felt the same as she left more than half her focaccia alone. If Jet intend to charge $400 for a single flight in Business - they seriously need to consider upping their food quality, at the very least, though I can't fault the presentation.

After lunch I decided to go back to sleep, and woke up just as we were landing into Mumbai. Once taxied, I groggily grabbed by bag and was on my way to pick up my bags. A decent start, but a little more was expected from what would be a very expensive ticket.



Seat + Cabin7
Flight Crew7
Overall, a decent flight with a welcome lounge at the start. Seats were decent for a 1.5 hour flight, though food left much to be worked on, and flight crew were professional, but lacked any charm.