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Review: The Frankfurt Hotel, Frankfurt

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The Frankfurt Hotel
Frankfurt, Germany

From London, I took an Economy British Airways flight to Frankfurt, which I had intended to review. Except when Etihad lost my bag, I had to fill out the claim forms and rush to Terminal 5 (from 4) and literally made it by the skin of my teeth. Thus, I passed out and napped the entire flight, so I really didn't take any pictures nor do I remember much of the flight (fair enough considering it was my first Economy flight in over 2 years!). You can always read how poor British Airways Inter-Europe Business Class was last year.

Anyways having landed in Frankfurt, I took my carry on, and made my way to the bus, which took me to the Train station (way to have a weird setup Frankfurt!). It was cold, a very cold 3 degrees, which was a shame since I only had the one jacket with me at the time. Having made my way from the station to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, the main station in the city, I walked over to the hotel, easily called The Frankfurt, which was literally a 5 minute walk. Perfect, since I was already feeling the cold, enhanced by the recent rain.

Unfortunately due to the short time I was there, I didn't really grab a lobby picture, so I pulled it from their website to give you an idea of the levels.


It was nice, but small as far as lobbies went. I had gone ahead and booked a Single Room for $92 USD, which I thought was fine for the area it was in. Upon arriving at the hotel, I checked in, and the staff were indifferent to me being there. That's either the German in them or how they operate, but I just wanted to get to my room. The Manager informed me that they'd upgrade me to their Double Room, I guess since the hotel was empty. Oh and they also asked for a good rating on so that'll do it I suppose.

They gave me the card, the wi-fi code and I headed up to check out this 'Double Room'.


It was essentially two single beds, put together to form a double. It was also slightly larger than a single room at 25 square meters, a decent size when you consider the price I paid, then got upgraded.


It did feature a massive 55-inch TV, and usually hotels don't go over 46" so this was a nice mix. Can't say I was a fan of the overall 'green theme', but it went with their Green environment theme, where all the lights outside were automatic sensors rather than 'always on'.


The bathroom itself was fairly basic, but clean and more importantly warm, and the shower was amazing too.


At this point I was hungry so I decided to venture out, despite the cold weather, to get my German food on. I went to the reception to ask for some restaurant suggestions, and to my disappointment they suggested I go around to corner street so I could find some 'Pakistan and Indian food', which could have been racist if I didn't already know that Indians (many, not all) love to go and eat Indian food when out of India - hence a true Stereotype. The only problem was that I'm not Indian (not by Nationality), nor do I sound it, though I guess they were going visually! "Er, maybe some good German food instead?". That did the trick, as they lit up at the fact I wanted German food rather than Indian food - again, not Indian mate! Either way, they guided me to 'Basseler Eck', a proper German restaurant which I made it to after a 10-12 minute walk just as it started raining.

It was a cosy, no fancy, family run small restaurant that was apparently frequented by Airline staff often. I took a table to myself and ordered a Beer and Pork, a traditional German Meal, and while I wasn't in a talking mood after the day I'd had - I was happy to listen to my next table talk about their lives - and I eventually pegged them for Emirates Crew members (2 ladies, 1 gentleman) with how much they spoke of Dubai, amongst other things. Eventually the meal came, and while the picture isn't great, it was satisfying, along with the eavesdropping. For once, it was pleasant to just eat and listen, along with German music playing softly in the background, really bringing out the family run business feel.


With that done, I headed back to the hotel. It was raining now, so I had to run where I could to shelter, and eventually got back, took a shower, and hopped into bed, as I had to get to Luxembourg in the morning! The bedding itself wasn't too comfortable, I was so tired I really didn't care.

Morning involved a mad dash through breakfast (hence no pictures) which was included, as I was running a tad late for the bus, and I checked out as a formality. As it turns out, so late I couldn't locate the bus area first, then the bus - so I eventually found out I had actually missed the bus! 30 minutes of searching yielded nothing - so I had to eventually buy another ticket, which involved a transfer of 3 trains and a bus - but it got me there just 50 minutes later than the bus.

Oh well, a great way to start the adventure in Europe, good thing I didn't have any suitcases to drag around 😉

Facilities + Extra7
It's 4 star, it's cheap, it's in a great location - for the night it was good enough from where I was coming from, and where I wanted to go. There's also free Wi-fi, and breakfast was included, so you can't really go wrong with this place, should you need to stay near the Frankfurt Main station. The only niggle was the staff could have been better, but it also depends on staff member to staff member.