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Malaysia Airlines reveals their new Business Class Seats


Never has an airline truly needed a total refresh to win consumers back. From one of the most respected airlines in the industry - Malaysia airlines (MH) has certainly fallen from grace in recent years. Perhaps 'fallen' is a poor choice of words, considering their unfortunate crisis history around MH370 & MH17, but the truth is that Malaysia airlines finances were already heading in the wrong direction before the twin tragedies  struck another blow to the struggling airlines.  The silver lining however, is that Malaysia Airlines new CEO Christoph Mueller has big plans to turn the airlines around into a world player again, starting with announcement in September of upgrading their fleet to accommodate the new A350 planes - and today they've just announced their much needed refresh to their Business Class products.

To give you an idea of their current products, here's an image from my recent flight on MH's Business class product:





Malaysia Airlines New Business class seats:



The old? Average at best. However, their new offering is quite the upgrade, set in a 'Vantage-style staggered business class seat' similar to what you find on other airlines like Swiss Airlines or Austrian airlines to name a few. While this is clearly a huge step forward for the company planning on eradicating First class from their planes completely - I don't really think this is the world class product MH was striving for, when their neighboring competitor, Singapore airlines has one of the best business class products produced. On the other hand, if they are able to make it as stylish as what Swiss Airlines currently has - it might just work.

Swiss Airlines Business Class

Swiss Airlines Business Class

However, the biggest change is that these beds are flat lie (meaning full 180 degree flat) as opposed to angled seats which were just.. the worst. Will this product draw people back to Malaysia airlines? Perhaps - it's certainly a more classy look and feel, but it's only the start of a long journey and hopefully they also fix their Enrich frequent flyer program which has gone some terrible devaluations this year. For now, i'm looking forward to seeing how improved they really are from their old product. To learn more about the seats, launching in April 2016, please head on over to the Malaysia airlines website.

Source: One Mile at a Time