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The Long Way back to Australia

Introduction to The Long Way back to Australia
Bangalore to Mumbai (Jet Airways Business Class Class 737-800)
JW Marriott Sahar (Mumbai)
Mumbai to Abu Dhabi (Jet Airways First Class 777-300ER)
Abu Dhabi to London (Etihad First Class A380)
Tour of Etihad's The Residence
The Frankfurt Hotel (Frankfurt)
Park Inn by Radisson (Luxembourg 1)
Sofitel Luxembourg Europe (Luxembourg 2)
The Westin Grand (Frankfurt)
Lufthansa First Class Terminal (Frankfurt)
Frankfurt to Seoul (Lufthansa First Class A380)
The Ritz-Carlton (Seoul)
Tokyo to Sydney (Japan Airlines First Class 777-300ER)

Introduction to The Long Way back to Australia

This trip was a fairly last minute decision. Considering that I was on the way back to Australia for some time, I wanted to make this a unique trip with my first solo trip ever. Granted I've taken many (if not most) flights as a solo traveler - I've never done an entire trip myself (with the exception of Japan at the end which will have some family members joining through coincidence).

Rather than a straight flight back to Australia, I decided to head to Europe (even though I was there 6 months ago), and more particularly Belgium. However, due to the terrible terror attacks, I decided to change my last minute trip to a slightly safer destination in Germany (Frankfurt) & Luxembourg. Why? Because you never see many people talking about Luxembourg - so why not!

This is also going to be an incredibly tiring trip, hitting 7 countries in about 12 days (including Australia). Granted that's not the most convenient (nor relaxing way to travel), however I don't mind the extra travel to experience new cultures, food, and places - and for some great blog posts! To put in in perspective, I'll be travelling approximately 30,000 km in that period, and that's not considering certain train trips and buses to take smaller day trips here and there. If I was to go straight from India to Australia - I'd be able to do it in an easy 16 hours of travel time. And as my friend said "That's a damn long route to Australia".

I've even shifted hotels within a city (something I usually detest due to the inconvenience) - but I wanted to get an idea of how certain cities operate hotel to hotel. Nevertheless - as I write this the trip has already started - but I'm looking forward to the rest of it. For now, you can keep updated either on this blog or you can follow me on snapchat (@jubbing) or Instagram (@jubbingee)