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WEIGH-TO-FLY aims to keep a check on your luggage weight - as you pack


One of the most frustrating things when packing for that deserved vacation is trying to guess if you're nearing your check in bags (or carry on) weight limit. From getting the family to lift the bag to guess the weight, to carrying it on a scale and (trying) seeing the total weight - it's certainly a tedious annoyance - especially when airlines seem to be getting worse with weight restrictions. We've seen average limits from 15kg to 30kg depending on the airlines and destination - and the worse thing is turning up to the airport and seeing the weight just tip over the limit - no one wants to throw away that special souvenir you picked up after a lovely holiday or pay excess baggage fees.

That's what Weigh-to-fly are aiming to improve - the packing experience, or more specifically the weight packing experience (and on we don't mean our physical weight thank you!). They've designed a smart 'coat hanger' which acts as your bags weighing scale which communicates to your smartphones app to give you live updates on the weight of your bag as you pack - rather than pack, test, repack, repeat. That's certainly an appealing concept to me, especially when packing for long travels where you do need to cram as much as you can in your bag, without going over the limit.


Of course, it seems there's no way to track this on your computer as of now because the Weigh-to-fly (it's a mouthful, but I'd rather not abbreviate it to W-T-F!) works on Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to an app on your Android, Apple Watch, or iPhone device - though we hope to see this for Windows 10 (PC) and Windows Phone/Mobile too. Another smart built in feature is a bag tracker which notifies you if you've accidentally walked too far from your bag - handy for those with carry on luggage, but I hope there's a way to turn it off from your app if you're checking it in, mostly because of the 5 hour maximum battery life which could be an issue.

Other than that, it seems like it could be a useful product to have around the house for those looking to cram everything they can within the weight limit (even though we're not sure how practical it may be till we test it, even if it does double as a coat hanger) - when it launches. Currently on Kickstarter for funding, feel free to pre-order yours for £50 (till numbers last). It may seem like a lot, but it's certainly cheaper than excess baggage fees!