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Review: Singapore Airlines First Class 777-300ER, Melbourne to Singapore

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Singapore Airlines 777-300ER
Melbourne - Singapore
Depart: 10:30am
Arrive: 3:25pm
Class: First Class

I had never flown Singapore Airlines First Class, and really wanted to fly the A380 Suites - unfortunately I couldn't find ANY awards space - but luckily the 777 First Class Seat popped up. Now the 777 First Class on Singapore airlines consists of only 4 seats, so it's incredibly lucky I snagged one since it can be hard to find space.

Singapore Airline's charges 80,000 Krisflyer miles for a one way flight between Singapore and Melbourne - admittedly not the best value - but this is the ONLY way to fly Singapore Airlines first class, so I quickly transferred 80,000 points from my American Express Platinum Charge account which took about 3 working days. The good thing is that I actually needed to get to Kuala Lumpur right away, so the same 80,000 points included an extension flights in Business to Kuala Lumpur which in itself costs 17,500 miles - thus this flight was technically only 62,500 miles making it exceptional value (especially with the amount of Champagne I had). Booking online was painless, but if you ever have issues - you can always call the Singapore Airlines help line and they're usually pretty good at sorting issues out.

I got the Airport about an hour before my flights, quickly checked in and was on my way to the Singapore Airlines lounge. Singapore Airlines has both a separate First and Business Class lounge which is quite nice, and after getting my ticket scanned I headed on towards the First Class lounge - which was quite large for number of flights flying out (of course, other Star Alliance members can use the lounge if high enough in status).

The lounge has a few different sections (including dining tables) and plenty of seating which was quite nice - though nothing to impressive.

There was a food counter with a few finger foods, nothing horrible but nothing too nice either. They did have a Nespresso Machine and a drinks fridge as well, but as I found out there was a separate to-order menu as well, and I quickly grabbed some French Toast since I was hungry, and decided to start on some Champagne early even though it was 10am.

Veuve is a nice champagne in its own right (and one of my usual go to's) however for a First Class lounge I expected better than a $55 bottle I normally have. I didn't unfortunately take a photo of my French Toast as they were about to call boarding, and I had to cram it into my mouth fairly quickly - it probably wasn't a pretty sight, though there were only 3 other passengers in the lounge so I doubt they noticed. Having had a quick half glass of Champagne to wash down the food, I rushed for the plane and was quickly in to the plan soon after. I was greeted by the Friendly First Class flight attendants who directed me to my seat, and I took the opportunity to take some quick photos. The other 3 flights were taken as well, a Malaysian Businessman on the other window, and an older Australian couple in the middle.

I chose 1F, since the other seats were filled already, but at least I had a window seat. As for the seat itself, it was certainly very impressive - wide, padded and splayed with Poltrona Frau leather - it was definitely one of the widest seats I had ever seen. The seat itself was quite comfortable as well, and I took my seat to get some photos around me. The seat featured a large screen and an ottoman below it, and a space for my bag below that. On the left of the ottoman, I had more storage space for smaller valuables, but I never know what to put in there, so I took my Bose headphones out of the case, and left the case in there.

I was presented with a bag of toiletries, headphones and PJ's as well. I took the opportunity to quickly change my jeans into something more comfortable. My flight attendant, Gary introduced himself and asked if I would like to try any Dom Champagne before we took off - this surprised me since I wasn't expecting to have any Champagne till we were up in the air, and I graciously accepted. I have to say, Gary was absolutely excellent, as he was always over to refill my glass anytime it was even close to half empty - and I'm pretty sure I was 3 glasses down before we had even taken off. They were serving Dom 2009, which isn't my favourite Vintage, but it was still delicious (again even if it was 10:45am) - I decided to save my favourite Krug after we took off.

Take off was quick and painless, and I started watching some movies while Gary came around and confirmed my 'Book the Cook' meal (Lobster Thermidor, though you certainly have more options) had been loaded and asked if I'd like to start with anything, and I immediately chose the Caviar and asked to bring it out in about an hour, which they did on point. The one annoyance was the table itself - it would get stuck at certain points so I couldn't pull the table any closer without spilling anything - so I settled for using my long arms to do the work. Not horrible, but a shorter person would have suffered (and especially surprising this was happening in First Class).

The presentation was flawless, and I was offered some Garlic Bread to go with the Caviar (which was warm and delicious) and I opted to change to the Krug with the food. Normally Singapore Airlines has the standard $295 Krug Grand Cuvee on board - a good Champagne on any day, but I was surprised that on this flight they actually had the Krug 2003 Vintage which runs around $450. And boy, was it delicious- it was like drinking the Nectar of the gods, and was hands down my favourite Champagne I've had yet - I seriously couldn't believe just how good it was compared to the Dom. It was also a good teaser to the Krug 2000 Vintage I have at home, waiting to be opened on a special occasion. I probably polished over half a bottle of Krug myself over the course of my meal and dug into the Caviar, which paired beautifully with the Krug. Surprisingly, Singapore Airlines don't offer a mother of Pearl spoon with the Caviar, though I can't personally taste a difference between using the pearl spoon or a metal spoon.

I asked for the Lobster to be brought out separately, and it was beautifully presented saffron rice and slow roasted cherry tomatoes. I was in heaven.

The Lobster was incredibly delicious as well - I polished everything on my plate, and had another glass of Krug to go with it (hey someones got to finish it!). Gary and his team were incredibly attentive (but not overly so) and efficient. I was asked about dessert, and I decided to stick with the Apple pie, which was also well plated (I opted to stick for water at this point to avoid getting too drunk).

I was pretty stuffed at this point, and decided to settle in and just watch some movies, and decided to explore the seat around me. Privacy wise, even though there was no door - I definitely couldn't see my seat mates as the shroud around me covered it pretty well. It was pretty distracting when flight attendants walked in though, as there was no privacy for that. Most of the seats main controls were also on the shroud and you could control the seat from there. The strange thing is you can't turn the seat into a full flat lying down position from the controls, and since I didn't want them to turn down my seat, I opted to watch at an angled position, while the footrest was flat.

I also had an issue with the headphones. Singapore airlines has 2 headphone ports, one on your left and one on your right - which is lucky because the one on my left was incredibly crackly, and the female flight attendant changed my phones and plugged it into the right port, and we were good to go.

There was also a place to hang your headphones when you weren't using them.

There was also a removable touch panel where you could control the screen from - though it was quite finicky and took a harder press to get the job done. I don't remember when, but between the delicious food, the over abundance of Champagne and my lack of sleep - I nodded off and woke up as we were starting our decent into Singapore, so I probably had about an hour or so of much-needed sleep. As soon as I woke up, Gary was on hand to offer me a bottle of water, which was much-needed. I quickly headed to the loo and changed back into my jeans, and settled in for the smooth decent into Singapore, while finishing my movie.

As we were landing, the Chief Pursuer came around to thank everyone for flying and I thanked him for a fantastic experience (tablet and headphones aside). I thanked Gary as well - who was just amazing and soon we were in Singapore and I was off to find The Private Room before my next flight in a few hours. All in all, a lovely experience - thought I do wish for future flights the seats have doors for more privacy.

Seat + Cabin8.5
Flight Crew9.5
A fabulous First experience with Singapore Airlines (pun intended) - the food was delicious, the crew were amazing, and the service was fantastic. The only things that stop this from being the best flight was the issues with the headphones, and more importantly the tray table which kept getting stuck. I'd also love to see doors on these in the future, as it's not as private as it could be. Having said that, I'd fly Singapore Airlines First Class again in a heartbeat.