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Review: Qatar Airways Business Class 787-8, Doha to New Delhi

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Qatar Airways 787-8
Doha - Delhi
Depart: 1:35am
Arrive: 7:30am
Class: Business Class

My first trip on the 787 Dreamliner plane was with Qatar Airways in 2014, and it is till date the best business class experience I've had till date - so I really wondered if this plane would match my past experiences and elevated expectations - especially having come off a Qatar Airways First Class flight.

Having had a good stop at the Al Safwa First Class lounge, I ended up rushing to my flight since I had slightly overstayed my visit at the lounge. Not only that, I was departing from Terminal D, which was a ridiculously long walk through a very beautiful terminal. I wish I had taken some pictures, but I'd have rather not missed my flight - and as it turns out it was the right move as I was one of the last few people to arrive during their 'Final Call'. I boarded and was quickly shown to my seat by a polite soft spoken flight attendant, and I realized that the Business Class Cabin was going to  be absolutely packed - every seat was taken and I took some shots before the cabin was completely taken.



Qatar Airways' 787 has one of the nicest cabins I believe, and the reverse herringbone seat structure has fast become my favorite type of business class seat. I ended up taking seat 3K which is a Window seat and mid way through the cabin. I usually prefer the left hand side of the plane, but it really makes little difference here.

Flight attendants were on full business mode - so I never caught their name as they came around to take our drink orders, and I ordered myself a nice juice.


I was offered a hot tower along with the juice, and some landing forms for Delhi immigration. I was starting to feel sleepy by this point, so I had a quick snooze while the flight took off, but was awoken by dinner orders. I was feeling pretty comfortable at this point, and while it not may look it, the reverse herringbone seats really gives people a chance to stretch out, and while the seat isn't too wide (compared to first), it feels very snug and comfortable as well.


One thing I love is the numerous options the seat has to change positions, so everyone should be able to find a comfortable position, regardless of if they want to sleep, lounge or eat food.

I did manage to snag a quick pic of the menu before they took it away as well, as the food started to come out.



I started out with the Pan Grilled Lamb and Potato patty which was served with a mixture of veggies. While the veggies were fresh and were seasoned really nicely, the Lamb and potato patty was a bit of a bust, as it was too soft and crumbly. The taste was missing any hit as well - so it was quite lackluster, but as I said, the veggies were quite good. I decided to dig into the warm bread which was offered, which was nice.


For the main course, I opted for the Murg Shafaq Qaliyan, aka stuffed chicken breast which was honestly not too bad, but it was a little on the dry side. The Almond cardamom sauce was.. interesting, and I'm not sure what I thought of it, but it was better than the started so I did manage to eat most of it. The only thing to be improved is the make sure the chicken doesn't get too dry in the future.

For Dessert I was really excited, because they had on offer a Ladurée Soyeux, which may not sound amazing at first (It's got the word Soy in it!), but it's from Ladurée, one of my favorite dessert shops in Europe, and it had White Chocolate in it!


It looked pretty so I took another pic.


It was a little small, but when I took a spoon - it was absolutely delcious, and the biscuit mix just melted in your mouth. Easily the highlight of the meal service, which was a little sub-par now, which was surprising since my first 787 flight on Qatar had the most delicious food (Del to Doha). I was impressed though by the dessert, especially with the cute little Ladurée 'plastic' tag to let you know it was specially made. What I did find surprising though, is that they didn't offer ANY Ladurée desserts on the Paris to Doha flight, but it seems it only takes place on flights leaving from Doha.


They followed up with some Valrhona chocolates, which I've never heard of before (I'm not exactly a chocolate connoisseur), so someone will have to tell me if it's any good - as I gave it away to a friend in Delhi. Once the meal service was done (efficiently I might add), I decided to take some more pictures of the cabin, as most people were generally starting to go to sleep by this time.


Honestly, with the lights down and the mood lighting in full swing, the cabin is quite cool looking, and the reverse herringbone really adds to the effect. Although my one annoyance with the mood lights is that they change way too quickly, rather than a gradual change - it get's a little annoying sometimes.


I decided to try and take a picture of the bathroom, but the blue light really didn't help, and the lights only turn on when the door is locked. It's a tiny bathroom (3 of these could fit in a First Class bathroom).


They were using Rituals Lotions and liquid soap in the bathroom, and it seemed like a pretty nice brand, though I'm not too aware of it. Toothbrushes and toothpaste packs were also provided in the bathroom since no ammenity kits are offered on a short 3.5 hour flight. With that in mind, I decided to return to my bed where they had handed out sleep masks/eye pads to everyone - which were quite nice and I still use them occasionally.

I managed a comfortable and snug 45 minutes as the sun was coming up, and we were told to put our seats upright for landing. No other meals were served for breakfast, though a quick breakfast bite option would be nice, even though dinner service was only 2 hours earlier.


I love sunsets and sunrises from a plane, and a chance to capture the 787's wing with the sunrise was too good an opportunity to pass up - so I quickly snapped a pic, but the downside of flying on business is that you don't get a great view of the sexy wings. I did like how you could 'kind of' see the earths curvature on the horizon - that's always a cool sight.

We finally touched down a little ahead of schedule and taxied to our gate. I thanked the crew and disembarked, finally happy to back home, but also a little sad this holiday was finally over - and thus - bringing this particular trip report to a close. Thankfully I didn't have any issues and got home quite quickly, though Delhi Airport in the morning was ridiculously full of landing flights.

However, fear not, there are some amazing travel plans coming up in April, so stay tuned for then!


Seat + Cabin9
Flight Crew8
A pleasant flight overall, slightly blemished by the food which wasn't surprisingly low in quality - except for the dessert which was amazing! The seat is still one of my favorite Business Class products in the world, comfortable and roomy enough, and while there weren't many amenities on this flight, that's understandable on a short International flight. Flight Crew were perfectly pleasant and professional, but they were always rushed throughout the flight, so I never got the chance to interact with them.