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Review: Hotel Boutique Nazional, Rome

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Look, it was $100 for the night, for a 3 star hotel - honestly without much complaints. However the Rooms + Bathroom were quite small, though very clean being a small establishment. It was close the the Termini Train Station (1.2 km walking) and the staff did go above and beyond their requirement. But at the end of the day, it's a bare bones setup - which is great for a quick cheap-ish stay.

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Hotel Boutique Nazional (Rome 1)
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A quick review then. Mostly because when I landed in Rome I was running on 3-4 hours sleep over the past 24 hours - not a great way to land, but I knew I had a whole night of sleep ahead of me. The family had already landed in Rome, so I was going to meeting them, after landing from London.

The reason why we chose Hotel Botique Nazional? It was close to the Train Station, and it was cheap, considering we were only staying one night before heading to Sorrento early the next day, so we didn't really want to dip into the budget. Anyways, after landing, I headed for the 'Roman' Fast lane which was literally a customs officer giving me a glare for interrupting his game of Candy Crush, stamping my passport (without looking at it mind you), and shoving it back to me, before another glare, then back to his game. Okay then. After a short wait in the Taxi line, I grabbed one where the guy was all decked out in Ferrari gear - clearly with ambitions of being the next Schumacher.

The hotel was a little difficult to find at first, even though I had 'Here Maps' working offline, along with the 4G connection I had picked up at the airport, but we eventually found it through a mix of hand signals, broken English, and a tiny bit of Italian I remember from my last trip to Italy. Now this hotel was very small, with only 8 rooms, making it a real Boutique hotel. Of course, my mistake was that I had accidentally booked us an 'Economy Double Room' rather than a Regular Double Room, which meant that the room was only 11m² (vs 14 m²) for 2 people - Tiny! However, the hotel staff (which consisted of one staff on rotation at night) was very nice and helpful for dinner spots, and post Dinner, I went right into a deep slumber - hence my lack of a review.


We did inform him that we intended to check out early, thus we wouldn't have time for breakfast - but he insisted that we at least have one croissant and some orange juice delivered to our room before we left, which was very nice - and a little beyond what I expect from 3 star hotels. Despite my lazed slumber, I did manage to sneak one shot of the room before we left, just to give an idea at least - but for further pictures is the best solution. Keeping in mind, Wi-Fi was free, and speeds were decent enough to use. We left shortly after breakfast, satisfied that the stay was not indeed a disaster.