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Food & Travel - The Perfect Combination

There are two things I love in life. Food, and Travel. Originally Bitesin5 was meant to be solely a food website - but then I thought, Hey! Why not add travel to the mix as I love both very much, and the two go hand in hand! Of course, by this time it was 5am and I thought I should finally put that wine bottle down and head back home from a mate's place, chalking the idea up to a bit too much wine (and some whiskey - please don't judge, it's my weekend breakaway only).

Well when I woke up this morning, I suddenly recalled my idea on Saturday night and thought to myself - Dammit, I'm totally doing it, before I closed my eyes and woke up 2 hours later. Ok, all joking aside - it's a great idea as I travel a lot (and I suppose we'll go more into that as we go along).

For now, food (and a little drinking) and travel is how we're going to keep it. If you're looking to join, feel free to email me at

To the future!

For now, feel free to check out my other website - Techin5!