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Discovering Great Italian Hotels

Introduction to Discovering Great Italian Hotels
Excelsior Hotel Gallia (Milan)
Room Mate Gulia (Milan)
Boscolo Exedra Roma (Rome)
The St Regis (Rome)
Armani Hotel Milano (Milan)

Introduction to Discovering Great Italian Hotels

This was an interesting trip for me - part work, part pleasure. A week before I eventually left for Italy, I was told to pack my bags as I needed to head to Milan - and while I won't go into what work I do, let's just say that this was a very sudden and unexpected trip. With that in mind, I decided to make the most of it, and plan my stays around some of the best Italian hotels as part of route. The only hotel I didn't have a say in was 'Room Mate Guilia' since it was part of work, but the rest were all chosen carefully to make the most of my Italian stay.

Exactly a year ago I had found myself in Italy, and stayed at one of the best hotels in Rome - but I was looking at different hotels this time - and due to the number of hotels, I decided to mix it between points and paying cash. Excelsior is widely considered to be one of the highest ranked hotels in Milan by many, Room Mate Guilia was the #1 ranked hotel in Milan according to Tripadvisor, Boscolo Exedra Roma was something which caught my eye the last time I was in Rome, along with the St Regis, and the ultimate hotel fantasy of mine was the Armani Hotel in Milan. I've been a huge Armani fan, and ever since I had dinner at the Armani Hotel in Dubai - I really wanted to stay here, and I finally got my chance this trip - so I took it.

Costs aside - this was a great way to experience some of the finest Italy has to offer - and ultimately to see if they stood up to the massive expectations everyone has with them. Either way - I was excited to explore Italian Fine Living further.